Release Notes Cobos 3.8.0

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Release 3.8.0 [2017-02-06]

Improvements in this version:

Z/Navigator: easy member lists management and Devops integration

  • Manually add/discard members without host PDS list refresh
  • Members list can also be managed directly from Commands view and integrated with existing tooling such as source, build and/or deploy management.
  • A Member can be added to Z/Navigator view and opened in COBOL Editor as a result of Checkout.

Z/Navigator: Editing sequential files

  • editing can be automatically switched to read only in case of special characters detection or max number of records threshold reached.
  • optimistic lock is implemented thru sha1 calculation.

COBOL Editor: auto-completion add-ons

  • a new set of DB2 and CICS code templates is available for auto-completion.

JCL Editor enhancements

  • Outline view is enriched with DD cards extract.
  • Files can be opened directly from Outline view by selecting the DD card.

Z/Jobs view shows off new convenient columns

  • Fields programmer and submit date/time are added to the Z/Jobs view (SDSF mode only).
This release solves the following bugs:

5029 – je3270: F10 key no longer activates Eclipse menubar, LeftAlt key is always recognized.
Note: the Eclipse menubar shortcuts are processed by Eclipse, not by je3270.

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