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Forget the ISPF pains: Navigate in your mainframe files and manage them directly from Eclipse. Cobos implements your best practices and allows you to work comfortably (eg, copy / paste a member of PDS).

Remote compilation

Launch compilation from eclipse: After checking the syntactic correctness of your program, you launch the compilation on the targeted host from Cobos and you get the sysout directly on the workstation.
Configure the settings once: thanks to its Commands interface technology, you prepare the compilation form with the values ​​that suit you.
Launch your own compilation procedures: Although Cobos provides a very efficient compilation process, integrating your existing procedures into Cobos is usually a good idea.

Supported compiler : IBM Enterprise COBOL & PL1

Save time of sysout reading : Cobos do it for you. Cobos knows the structure of IBM Enterprise COBOL & PL1 listings and displays the compilation messages in the Problems view linked to source code and sysout file.

Host Integration Module

Some scripts and that’s all ! Cobos provides primitives to manage the mainframe resources that you need. No long running server, no APF-authorized programs, just Rexx scripts and some simple programs.
Simplify the eclipse preferences management: With Cobos, you can load and refresh automatically from a single point many Cobos preferences such as Commands list, general parameters and project properties.
Add your own automatizations to Cobos: The command interface is public and allows you to easily add your own commands to Cobos.

je3270 emulator

Save your paying emulators: We believe that the native access to mainframe is still the 3270 emulator and will remain for a long time. That is why Cobos offers an practical and integrated 3270 emulator into Eclipse.

SCM Support

Use your favorite source management system: Cobos offers a highly adaptable interface to your favorite tools like ENDEVOR, SCLM or LCM. Extending this interface to other tools is our passion. Migrating to Git looks like a very good idea… We can help!

Eclipse distribution

No need to struggle with Eclipse issues: Metrixware can provide upon request a complete eclipse distribution with Cobos preinstalled and a preconfigured workspace.

Obviously, you benefit from Cobos Essentials and Cobos Standard features

You can find them right here and here