Eclipse distribution

No need to struggle with Eclipse issues: Metrixware can provide upon request a complete eclipse distribution with Cobos preinstalled and a preconfigured workspace.

Remote compilation

Launch compilation from eclipse: After checking the syntactic correctness of your program locally, you launch your favorite compiler on the target server directly from Cobos.

Supported compilers : OpenCOBOL, COBOL-IT, Microfocus

Read compilation messages linked to the editor: Cobos retrieves messages compilation from the remote processing and displays it in the Problems view as if everything had happened locally!

Host integration module

Integrate your procedures in Cobos : The Commands interface is open and configurable as much as you want. So you add your procedures in Cobos and work in an environment that is tailored to your processes.

Obviously, you benefit from Cobos Essentials and Cobos Standard features

You can find them right here and here