Want to develop COBOL programs in a modern, efficient and at the state of the art environment ?   Cobos Essentials is for you!



Integrated into Eclipse, the industry standard, the Cobos COBOL Editor, accompanied by his Outline view, brings easy navigation through your programs, viewing the code with a smart and configurable syntax highlighting, finding all references to a variable. And a lot of usefull functions derivated from the Eclipse framework.

Hover / Autocompletion

No more typos thanks to the auto-completion: Cobos instantly offers the variables, labels and templates following your typing code.
Save time: no need to make trips back and forth between the definition of variables in DATA DIVISION and the statements in PROCEDURE DIVISION. Just hover the mouse over a variable and see its definition. ( However, if you want to go and see the definition of the variable, a simple keyboard shortcut  let’s you move on even if it is defined in a copybook . You return to the original location in the same way. )

Gain consistency in your programs: you can edit and import preformatted templates code that meet your standards of COBOL coding.

Check syntax / Unfold

Don’t waste time launching builds to check your code: Check Syntax displays in a wink the syntax errors in the Problems view. A simple Click positions you in the source program at the point of error.

Cobos manages access to Copybook for you: Enter where are stored your Copybooks and Cobos displays them in your unfolded program. (Cobos supports advanced features such as COPY REPLACING , COPY SUPPRESS, ++INCLUDE , …)

SCM Support

Work together in a team: store your programs in CVS, SVN, Git repository or any eclipse compliant SCM, working in parallel on the same programs, compare and merge your changes with those of your colleagues.

Everyone can make mistakes: Cobos allows you to compare different versions of your programs and go back as many times as you want.

Rexx, JCL and other editors

Enrich your environment: Cobos offers several additional editors in addition to the COBOL editor. Feel free to add others, Cobos is compatible with any eclipse compliant plug-in developed at the state of the art.