Local compilation

Test your programs directly on your PC: Compile and run your programs on your local workstation when you want, freely and without tedious build mechanism.

Commands interface

Enjoy on-the-shelf extensions: Cobos provides a set of commands to be run locally or on a remote server integrated into Eclipse thanks to its unique technology.

Working remotely through FTP: All commands in the “FTP access” component allows you to work on a mainframe seamlessly without any software installation on the host.

Supported compiler : Open COBOL

Benefit from Open Source dynamic: Cobos ships OpenCobol compiler enriched to support the specificities of the main COBOL dialects on the market.

Ticket interface

Tell us how it goes: If you have an idea for improvement or a usage issue, please, let us know. Just to be clear and well managed, Metrixware Systemobjects puts at your disposal a tickets management system with all the traceability required.

Service pack program

We deliver fixes quickly<: We do not drag a problem out when it prevents you from working. Metrixware provides very fast patches when necessary.

You don’t have to test the Cobos plug-ins: We deal with the integration of different versions of plug-ins in Eclipse distributions for you. Cobos versions are carefully validated before being published.