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Release 3.8.1 [2017-03-31]

Improvements in this version:

Mainframe Search: running Extended Search-For utility from Cobos and getting the results in the Search view!

  • Select the scope in the Z/Navigator (multiple files/PDS and/or members)
  • Choose the options in the new Z/Search tab.
  • Run the Z/Search and get the results in the Search view (can be the merge of several Search-For utility runs)
  • Navigate the Matches and open selected sources.
  • Save, recall, manually edit and rerun a saved Z/Search.
  • Export the search results in a csv file for impact analysis tasks.

Commands view:

  • Restore initial state after host.xml reload
  • New display parameter: select the level of messages to be displayed in a popup (info, warning, error)

Z/Jobs view:

  • Fields programmer, submit date and totlines are added to the Z/Jobs view (SYSVIEW mode only)
  • Redesign of the Z/jobs and Z/Sysouts views to suit the general behavior of the Cobos views.

Z/Navigator view:

  • “Import PDS” supports now empty selection.

Cobos Console:

  • Timestamp is added for each line displayed (instead of each block of data)

license management:

  • More fine feature management and ergonomic enhancements.
This release solves the following bugs:

5382 – GnuCOBOL: TITLE directive is supported.
5383 – GnuCOBOL/IBM dialect: support of VALUE clause in LINKAGE or FILE SECTION.
5479 – GnuCOBOL: CBL and PROCESS directives in marge A are supported via an additionnal preprocessor.
5483 – GnuCOBOL: support of all the keywords after ACCEPT FROM.
5501 – GnuCOBOL: Check Syntax doesn’t clean all temporary files after postprocessing.
5500 – COBOL Editor: New templates (DB2, CICS)

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