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Release 3.7.2 [2016-11-23]

Improvements in this version:
  • JOBs Management in Z/Jobs and Z/Sysouts Views:
    5470 – Z/Jobs: rename “Get System Log” to “Get Job Summary” and display JESMSGLG
    5471 – Z/Jobs: increase max size of “Maximum number of records browsed per sysout file”
This release solves the following bugs:

5359 – Removing of remains of adherence to CVS
5456 – Fixes exception in SWT when change text font in COBOL Editor
5461 – Cobos does not wait for the compile to end and reports a “job not found”
5463 – Submit JOB extracted from JES : discard CRLF characters
5464 – Z/Navigator: Rename and delete member does not detect errors on the host
5465 – Z/Navigator: Compare with Each other does not open if member en browse
5469 – Z/Navigator: Remove the popup indicating automatic switching in Read-only mode

Technical note : Eclipse 3 and Java 6 are no longer supported. Java 7 is the minimum required.

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