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Release 3.7.1 [2016-09-15]

Improvements in this version:
  • JOBs Management in Z/Jobs and Z/Sysouts Views:
    + browse list of JOBs
    + browse sysout of a JOB
    + display sysouts
    + purge, cancel, resubmit JOB
    + edit JCL
    note : The above functions can be launched from a Jenkins server also without change.
    note : This feature supports SDSF mode and CA/SYSVIEW mode.
  • Support of IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Version 5.
  • COBOL Editor upgrade:
    + compatible with Eclipse Neon (4.6)
    + syntax highlighting for COBOL ANSI 2002, IBM COBOL v4 & v5
    + fix Denumber limitations (undo, choice of denumbering modes)
  • JCL & REXX editors:
    + new Preferences panel
    + add Denumber function
This release solves the following bugs:

5449 – Z/Navigator: custom MVS codepage supported – Fixed on Mainframe
5311 – Denumber action: loss changes if the source is dirty.
5366 – Z/Navigator: switch to browse mode if acces rights are read only.
5412 – no (pre/post)processing during the automatic check syntax in background.
5436 – FTP Access: Windows 10 compatibility.
5438 – Z/Navigator: Add PDS should display message in form rather than a popup
5439 – Z/Navigator: Manage List in Add PDS – selection lost after Refresh or Browse action.
5440 – JCL editor: error during SCP transfer

Technical note : Eclipse 3 and Java 6 are no longer supported. Java 7 is the minimum required.

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