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Release 2.3.0 [2012-09-27]

Notice: this is the Cobos 2.3.0 Release.
Please feel free to report us any remark via email.

This new version brings four major innovations:

– Editing and compiling PDS members locally without any software installation on the mainframe by the new FTP access mode.
– The professional Open Source compiler COBOL-IT is now embedded in Cobos ensuring syntax checking quality at the highest level.
– User can run from Cobos local Rexx scripts (integrated with Cobos) directly on the Developer workstation, thus opening the solution to powerful user extensions and contributions.
– Improving the management of licenses – Cobos remains free for unlimited personal, educational, and evaluation use.

Improvements in this version:

4818 – New Cobos command “Get Job SYSOUT”
4646 – Je3270 robustness enhancement (running in a separate jvm)
4846 – Getting JOBs status and SYSOUT without SDSF (TSO mode)
4875 – Commands forms memorize values selected from Combo Box
4852 – Option -fcics supported by OpenCobol
4807 – Tag mxw:datafile processed for scripts launched via Commands View
4853 – Unfold : path display according to local system convention
4817 – CheckSyntax : Instruction CBL supported
4758 – Options ‘use-f-filler’ and ‘label-record-are’ now supported by mvs dialect
4887 – Add a timestamp to Cobos console

This release solves the following bugs:

4884 – Exception when launching “Test Cobos plug-in variables” without file opened in editor
4880 – Files stored following a datafile tag processing does not appear in workspace
4870 – Script mxw_copyseq non conforming to Cobos standards
4857 – Je3270 : blue characters invisible
4855 – Unfold error of files with same name but different case
4854 – No auto-completion when CheckSyntax with Errors
4851 – Unfold – EXEC SQL INCLUDE statements lost
4849 – Copies not found when launching Check syntax from Navigator view
4848 – Variable $COBOSPROJECT_NAME$ of .cobos misfilled
4844 – Je3270 : transfer locked in mode keep when the destination file is present
4843 – Left margin not refreshed after Denumber action
4842 – Mainframe compilation continues regardless of error
4839 – Autocompletion offers only the first name of condition name
4796 – Cics words NOQUEUE and PROCLENGTH supported
4792 – No Unfold file if copy missing
4768 – Incorrect line number reported inside EXEC … END-EXEC
4767 – COBOL comments supported inside EXEC … END-EXEC
4752 – cobc – temporary files not deleted
4447 – Sequential file browsing works (organization=PS) with server 2.2 and 2.3
4423 – Invalid properties for a PDS with format “PS VB 4092 27998 ”
4422 – PDS creation with invalid name doesn’t populate Z/Navigator
4345 – Rexx mxw_getfiletag : wrong error message
3911 – Check Syntax CICS and copy DFHEIBLK configurable
3165 – Check syntax Evaluate..WHEN OTHER with only EXEC … END-EXEC produce a warning message
2124 – Management of CICS copies
1480 – Eclipse launch : -clean option no longer required

Known issues :

– Nested copies are not fully supported in mainframe sysout parsing

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