Release Notes Cobos 2.3.2

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Release 2.3.2 [2012-11-20]

Notice: this is the Cobos 2.3.2 Release.
Please feel free to report us any remark via email.

Improvements in this version:

FTP Access manages host connection (therefore no longer requires filling all forms with hostname, username and password)
FTP Access provides Unix sources editing and saving as for PDS member

This release solves the following bugs:

4646 – Securing je3270 : robustness enhancement (enabling port scan to ensure RMI server start)
4907 – FTP Access does not freeze Eclipse even if pause option is in effect in rexx interpreter’s line command default
4623 – COBOL Auto-completion : template editing no longer adds sequence 
4934 – if no editor is associated to a file extension, action “openinEditor” uses default Eclipse editor.
4932 – Check syntax support of DFHRESP(INCOMPLETE) and DFHRESP(RESIDERR)
4930 – Exception when right-clicking in Package Explorer outside of Cobos perspective at Eclipse launch
4911 – Cobos installation procedure details
4907 – FTP Access – Local REXX scripts bug fixes
4902 – commands element in host.xml documentation not enough detailed

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