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Release 2.2.0 [2012-01-31]

Notice: this is the Cobos 2.2.0 Release. Please feel free to report us any remark via email. Click here to download Cobos. Also, sources are still available on the Sourceforge project’s page.

Improvements in this version:

Cobos is now fully tested with eclipse 3.6.2 (and with 3.4.2, of course). Meanwhile, a substantial effort of reengineering has been started to improve stability, evolutivity and quality of code. This task will continue in the future versions of Cobos as well.

COBOL IDE combines the best of mainframe, Eclipse and Office suites functionalities (!), and includes from now these additional features :

– functionalities commonly used by Java developers (overview of a variable, open declaration)
– mainframe ISPF functionalities (CAPS ON for entering the alphabetic characters of code in upper case)
– note : editing columns from 1 to 6 is now a preference of COBOL editor.
– Revision mode “a la word” (autotagging of modified lines configured in COBOL preferences)
– Tabulations configuration for COBOL syntax (e.g. cols. 7,8,12,15, …)
– SQL, DB2 and DL1 syntax highlighting


– Sequential file partial display
– Delete file

Improved interface of mainframe commands launching:

– Persistent view “Commands” showing a command menu as a tree
– Powerful configurable interface and widely open
– Rexx scripts enhanced with a specific syntax for managing file transfers before and after the launch of a script.
– Download and intelligent display of compilation SYSOUT.
– Ability to support external source configuration management software for checkin / checkout functions.
– host.xml configuration file can be loaded for standalone work.
– Ascending compatibility policy between the Eclipse client and the mainframe scripts.

Support of IMS applications by extending the dialect of MVS OpenCobol to the pre-processing of DL1 statements.

Opensource REXX editor integrated with Cobos.

Rexx scripts specific evolutions:

– Performance improvements of member signature computation
– Reliability improvements and better error handling
– Better management of temporary files (purge on connection…)
– By default, the ISPF gateway is not longer used (can be disabled)

This release solves the following bugs:

2836 – Z/Navigator – Open with other editor
3288 – Z/nav – Allocate New – Wrong expiration date
2624 – Read only file (out of sync)
1978 – When searching for a string, the highlited lines are wrong
3770 – Error in Analysis/refactoring of BP_NPR93
3726 – Back to SC BP Grid after analysis not working
3724 – Check Syntax Analysis State – ambiguous message
3715 – Z/Nav – Wrong « Volume Serial » properties display for migrated file
3704 – Fold/Unfold missing pop-up monitor
2838 – Monitor missing for check syntax
2837 – Syntax coloring for SQL CICS statements in COBOL Editor
2823 – Error on « .cob » file drag and drop opening in COBOL Editor
3854 – Refactoring of BP_NPR100: missing carriage return
3385 – Control of BP_NPR100: misplaced END-EXEC and END-INVOKE not detected
3281 – Cobol IDE: in COBOL free format, ths cursor is shifted on the horizontal ruler
3716 – Z/Navigator – Allocate New displays a popup in case of anomalies
4284 – Launching a Mainframe command produces an exception if the “.cobos” is missing
4416 – The CVS Checkout creates a project named with the Workspace’s name in the Navigator view
4423 – Invalid PDS Properties display with a file format “PS 4092 27998 VB”
4459 – JCL – Contextual menu “Run As… / Mainframe Job” activated for any resource type
4471 – OpenCobol – COPY expansion converts all end of line characters to CR/LF
4473 – Z / Navigator – Opening of a JCL file or a $COBOS file – does not comply to the host.xml suffix pattern
4511 – COBOL IDE – After key PF1 causes error 404 when clicking on “Cobol Editor”
4513 – Commit and Save/PDS asks for committing all modified resources



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