Release Note Cobos 2.2.0 RC1

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Release 2.2.0 RC1 [2011-10-11]

Important notice: this release is a Release Candidate and therefore is subjected to some bugs. Please feel free to report us any remark via email.

Improvements in this version:

COBOL IDE combines the best of mainframe, Eclipse and Office suites functionalities (!):

– functionalities commonly used by Java developers (overview of a variable, open declaration)
– mainframe ISPF functionalities (CAPS ON for entering the alphabetic characters of code in upper case)
– note : editing columns from 1 to 6 is now a preference of COBOL editor.

Support of IMS applications by extending the MVS dialect of OpenCobol to the pre-processing of DL1 statements.(unstable)

Opensource REXX editor integrated with Cobos.

Improved interface of mainframe commands launching:

– persistent view “Commands” showing a command menu as a tree
– powerful configurable interface and widely open
– Rexx scripts enhanced with a specific syntax for managing file transfers before and after the launch of a script.
– download and intelligent display of compilation SYSOUT.
– ability to support external source configuration management software for checkin / checkout functions.
– Ascending compatibility policy between the Eclipse client and the mainframe scripts.

Rexx scripts specific evolutions:

– Performance improvements of member signature computation
– Reliability improvements and better error handling
– Better management of temporary files (purge on connection…)
– By default, the ISPF gateway is not longer used (can be disabled)


– Sequential file partial display
– Delete file

“Zero configuration” mainframe installation procedure

This release solves the following bugs:

2836 – Z/Navigator – Open with other editor
3288 – Z/nav – Allocate New – Wrong expiration date
2624 – Read only file (out of sync)
1978 – When searching for a string, the highlited lines are wrong
3770 – Error in Analysis/refactoring of BP_NPR93
3726 – Back to SC BP Grid after analysis not working
3724 – Check Syntax Analysis State – ambiguous message
3715 – Z/Nav – Wrong ´ Volume Serial ª properties display for migrated file
3704 – Fold/Unfold missing pop-up monitor
2838 – Monitor missing for check syntax
2837 – Syntax coloring for SQL CICS statements in COBOL Editor
2823 – Error on ´ .cob ª file drag and drop opening in COBOL Editor
3854 – Refactoring of BP_NPR100: missing carriage return
3385 – Control of BP_NPR100: misplaced END-EXEC and END-INVOKE not detected
3281 – Cobol IDE: in COBOL free format, ths cursor is shifted on the horizontal ruler

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