Metrixware announces Cobos 3.2 availability

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Nanterre, February 7th 2013. Metrixware announces the immediate availability of Cobos 3.2, its COBOL development workbench for Eclipse.

Eclipse distributions support

Full support of eclipse 3.7.2, (Cobos works well with further versions of eclipse but is not yet totally certified).

OpenCOBOL:  extensions to several dialects

Among many improvements and corrections, Cobos adds support for z/OS™ Enterprise COBOL EXEC CICS WEB statement. Cobos enhance the microfocus dialect (support of EXHIBIT statement, optional ENVIRONMENT DIVISION,…).

Mainframe capabilities enhancement

Mainframe sources can be compared directly from Z/Navigator. ISPF special characters are detected and filtered during the Edit mode. In case of  conflict during save, you can merge the versions easily in the Compare Editor.

A must-have and user-centric : Eclipse COBOL IDE

With the obvious benefits that the Eclipse platform has brought to Java technologies, using a COBOL workshop on Eclipse becomes unavoidable. With Cobos 3.2, the developers use agile and modern productivity tools, which are perfectly integrated with Mainframes and without any impact on existing infrastructure. Produced in closed collaboration with users, Cobos provides a simple and intuitive interface, which enables a fast user acceptance and appropriation.

A financially beneficial professional solution

Always in touch with customer needs and thanks to its broad knowledge of mainframe usage, once again Metrixware adds amazing features to improve Cobos 3.1 product. Cobos 3.2 remains at the cutting edge of mainframe development tools: more simple, more efficient and better integrated with users daily use and the existing infrastructures, while enabling a still lower overall TCO. says Julie Dumortier, President and CEO of Metrixware.



Metrixware is not only an agile software editor but also an effective software solutions provider for legacy and open environments.

Our aim is to provide middle-sized and big organizations with modernization and innovative IT solutions related to the Mainframe software factory, the Application modernization and e-contracting/m-contracting.

Thanks to our understanding of your business (Bank/Insurance, Distribution, Energy etc.), we provide you with the right solutions at a controlled cost and a reduced time-to-market (See our track record on our website Our professional software solutions can be customized to your needs, and some of them are built on open source components. Metrixware has a unique R&D team that merges skills in Mainframe, COBOL, J2EE, HTML5/CSS3 and Eclipse plugin development.

Related to the modernization of your Mainframe factory, Metrixware brings you, with Cobos, the most advanced Eclipse COBOL IDE, with a strong integration with different types of Mainframes. Cobos is the core component of a powerful, economic and efficient COBOL software factory, based on open-source components. Cobos is 100%-compatible with Eclipse plugins and Metrixware provides you with some of them: COBOL code quality control, Endevor integration plugin, local code compilation on windows, etc

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