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Release 3.3.0 [2014-04-14]

Improvements in this version:

– Commands View: display the owners of mainframe resource
– Integration of SCLM commands
– MVS dialect: warning if a sub program name is invalid
– Micro Focus dialect: support of variable name > 31 characters
– Micro Focus dialect: support of SORT statement without KEY clause
– Micro Focus dialect: support of ALL keyword
– Micro Focus dialect: support of ON statement
– Outline view: new section / paragraph hierarchy
– Auto completion popup enhancement: font and box size
– SQL INCLUDE supports copybook names with extension
note: requires that (no-ext) is included in the list of extensions
– F3 (Open Declaration) on a Copy name opens the corresponding copybook
– COBOL Editor: auto completion is possible within a comment line

This release solves the following bugs:

4582 – JCL Editor / Outline view: the displayed line doesn’t contains specials characters
4586 – Compilation: messages are linked with the right source
4690 – COBOL Outline: END DECLARATIVES correctly detected
5101 – COBOL Editor removes tags in column 1-6 of blank lines
5112 – Z/Navigator supports host filename containing a character $
5120 – COBOL Outline: all the keywords in lowercase are supported
5121 – “Limit Problem markers per resource to” is a Cobos preference
5201 – Outline exception with a character * between columns 8 to 72 in fixed format
5202 – COBOL Outline: no exception because of syntactic errors in COBOL source
5203 – Open Declaration reads the variable declaration from the very beginning
5213 – SQL INCLUDE as first statement in WORKING-STORAGE correctly supported
5230 – SEARCH view replace the COBOL Editor content when double-clicking on a occurence of another file

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