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Release 3.2.0-p1 [2014-02-13]

This release solves the following bugs:

5210 – Fix the translation from french to english (CobolIDE – hover).

Improvements in this version:

– Support of Eclipse Indigo (3.7.2).
Note: Cobos works well with further versions of Eclipse but is not yet fully qualified.
– FTP Access provides download of an entire PDS or UNIX directory command.
– Z/Navigator: Mainframe sources can be compared directly from Z/Navigator.
ISPF special characters are detected and filtered during Edit.
In case of a conflict during save, you can merge the versions easily in the Compare Editor.
– View Commands: Download PDS Member item added in the Utilities menu.
– Check syntax:
Enhancement of Micro Focus dialect (support of EXHIBIT statement, optional ENVIRONMENT DIVISION, …)
Support of EXEC CICS WEB statements
– Unfold: a shortcut is provided (Ctrl+Shift+U)

This release solves the following bugs:

3514 – Check Syntax CICS supports either FILE or DATASET keyword.
3552 – Check Syntax CICS complements for many statements.
4092 – Z/Navigator detects and translate CRLF characters at save time.
4793 – Customize any perspective with Cobos and CVS menus.
3680 – Unfold supports identical file names with different cases.
5099 – COBOL Editor preferences: inverted behavior of ‘Allow editing sequence number area’ checkbox.
5107 – FTP Access checks if the remote host is a mainframe.
5130 – Hover can get variables map in background or at Check syntax time only.
5131 – Check Syntax: line number cannot be outside the source code.
5146 – je3270 displays garbage characters on state line.
5154 – COBOL Editor performance issue: update of markers runs in background.
5158 – Line number returned by OpenCOBOL for hover supports missing Copy/Include.
5168 – Local history for COBOL suppressed from “Replace with” and “Compare with” menus.
5170 – Incorrect icon for the Unfold Editor.
5171 – Exception when hitting Cobos shortcuts without one opened editor.
5196 – Commands interface: error messages with < and > are not displayed.
5199 – In .cobos file, absolute path in itemcopy tag is correctly processed.

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