Cobos 2.2.0_RC1 is coming soon !

 In Release Notes

Large improvements have been made to integration with the host by enhancing the dialogue between Eclipse and the mainframe.
This new version will allow us to easily integrate with your favourite software configuration management and other centralized procedures. It contains a set of scripts and a simplified and automated mainframe installation procedure (a “zero-conf” installation¬† on the mainframe).
Cobos Eclipse plug-ins are fully compatible with Eclipse 3.6 (Eclipse 3.4.2 as well as before). A new REXX editor plug-in has been added.

For this installation to go successfully, we recommend that you check the prerequisites now:
– minimum System level ZOS 1.9 is recommended
– Check the status of APAR OA33918 (timeout problem after launching USS REXX scripts calling TSO commands)
– OpenSSH must be installed and operational. Transfer of source files using SCP command must work.
(recommendation : Generate keys without a password with the default options – users enter their RACF password when connecting to the host)
– RACF: Users must have access to USS (OMVS segment defined) with a home directory and UID for each user.

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