Release Note Cobos 2.0.4

 In Release Notes
  • Cobos V2 now includes the Z/Navigator view, which provides direct access to mainframe files, and allows developers to edit source files in Eclipse and save them on the mainframe. This means that installation and use of Cobos creates no upheaval for those familiar with former environments.
  • Accompanying this advancement, the use of CVS is retained through the addition of a specific CVS menu in Cobos.
  • Preferences that configure Cobos on the workstation are automatically downloaded from the mainframe and take into account users’ RACF profiles. Management of project characteristics can also be centralized, ensuring consistency amongst developers and their respect of working rules.
  • The COBOL IDE has been improved and lets you delete the numbering of a source file (Denumber…), open and close writing to columns 1 to 6, etc.
  • A JCL Editor manages the syntactic coloring scheme, as well as easy browsing in JCLs with the Outline view, and JOB submittal.
  • Cobos now incorporates the evaluation version of the code quality analysis plug-in, SC for Eclipse Cobol. This plug-in, commercialized by Metrixware, identifies violations of Cobol development best practices, and lets the user navigate in code to rectify non-compliances.

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