Cobos 4.2 Release Notes

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Release 4.2.0 [2019-07-01]

“SCORT Callout Designer” feature: Invoke a Web service from the mainframe!

SCORT Callout architecture diagramm

  • Import a WSDL (Web Service Descriptor).
  • Generate COBOL Copybooks used to request and receive information from the Web Service.
  • Generate Java classes for deployment in a runtime environment.
  • Deploy artifacts to the mainframe and the web server.
  • Test the generated code on the Test tab in the SCORT Eclipse Callout Plugin.

“SmartPad4i Designer” feature is now fully integrated in eclipse!

SmartPad4i Designer screenshot

  • Import existing SP4i projects as eclipse projects.
  • Open multiple projects, templates at a time.
  • All desktop functionalities are implemented.
  • Native eclipse behavior.
  • All tools in a single IDE (HTML Editor, Web Page Editor, Designer Editor).
  • Ergonomic enhancements (connection management, deployment view).

Cobos4i FTP4i Access: support of DBCS encoding (beta)

Commands view enhancements:

  • Parameters are supported for URL commands
  • Host userid can be used in forms through a variable
  • Charset of a resource can be displayed in forms

Cobos4z Z/Navigator: support of shortcuts for mainframe member Copy/Paste

This release solves the following bugs:

  • 28355 – Fix cyclic dependencies between COBOL Editor and Cobos
  • 28361 – Warning “Max line length exceeded” remains in Problems view after editor close or Clean action
  • 28403 – Job_status displays a wrong title in debug mode
  • 28547 – COBOL Editor: missing text label in preference Check Syntax panel
  • 28581 – (Mainframe module 3.6.3) Ascending compatibility of checksum codepage
  • 28901 – Fix dialect ibm in GnuCOBOL
  • 28908 – FTP4i Configuration: missing templates folder in project
  • 28991 – FTP4i “Edit File” error in case of incorrect filename

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