Cobos 4.3 Release Notes

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Release 4.3.1 [2020-02-07]

This release solves the following bugs:

29886 – Cobos and Editors preferences: fix filters and add keywords
29911 – Eclipse 2019-12 support: fix Property Tester exceptions
29942 – SmartPad4i Designer: fix Japanese translation
29944 – Cobos4i Quickstart: fix some popups and wrong compile option for UPDCTRY
29945 – 5250 emulator: layout broken with DBCS characters

Release 4.3.0 [2019-12-23]

Improvements in this version:

Editors – New Templates implementation

  • COBOL, JCL, PL/I, RPG and Rexx Editors implement the Eclipse Templates view, Content Assist, Templates Preferences pages.
  • At insertion time, key “tab” to walk from variable to variable, replace several occurrences of the same variable at once.
  • Editor Templates Preferences page allows you to create, edit, delete, import, and export templates.
  • New sets of templates are provided for COBOL, JCL, PL/I, RPG and Rexx Editors.

COBOL  Templates view  screenshot

Cobos4i – support of DBCS and enhancements

  • DBCS charsets are supported by the SmartPad4i Emulator
  • A menu item for the Configuration has been added
  • Date format issues has been fixed in the Tutorial
  • FTP4i compilation supports DBCS charsets, japanese locale and listings formats up to IBM i V7R4!

DBCS view  screenshot

Other enhancements

  • Automatic workspace configuration at eclipse startup (activator and hosts files)
  • COBOL Editor: Toggle Comment takes care of lines starting with inline comment
  • FTP4i: add templates for support of C language
  • z/OS and IBM i build: process option “Edit generated (J)CL” or “Submit generated (J)CL”
  • je3270 accepts Chinese and Japanese charsets
  • Editors preferences look & feel is normalized
This release solves the following bugs:

29098 – z/OS mainframe ISPF invocation: TSO PROF NOPREF compatibility
29113 – COBOL Editor – data entered in columns 1-6 is no more parsed for syntax coloring
29174 – FTP4i connection: Uppercase messages supported
29179 – z/OS mainframe: fix default codepage affectation in member exit procedure
29189 – Rexx Editor: suppress “Rexx language” property in Preference panel
29223 – z/OS mainframe build procedure: CICS lib might not be added to SYSLIB
29276 – License: no more unwanted “unknown feature” message at startup
29577 – Z/Navigator: Manage List exception when refreshing a no more existing PDS
29583 – FTP4i compilation: “QUOTE RCMD” is not added before native FTP command
29678 – Editors: change cursor caret when switch to overwrite mode
29693 – Z/Jobs displays a wrong hostname when reopening the view

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