Cobos 4.1.0 Release Notes

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Release 4.1.0 [2019-01-31]

Cobos provides an smart environment dedicated to the IBM i System!

A Cobos4i feature has been developed for this purpose.
In this very first version, Cobos brings a brand new RPG editor,
an easy access in FTP mode, a powerful IBM i application generator “SmartPad4i” and a 5250 emulator.

The RPG Editor contains such features:
+ Syntax highlighting, including RPG Free and SQL statements
+ Outline view with all labels refreshed on the fly
+ Content Assist providing templates for the main RPG and SQL control statements
+ Dark theme support (see preconfigured preferences in the Demo_workspace)
+ Remote compilation support feeding Problems view with RPG Free or RPG/400 compiler messages

The FTP4i access module provides a very simple integration between eclipse and remote access to the IBM i
with editing features and remote compiling (RPG Free, RPG/400, COBOL, DDS, CL).

“SmartPad4i” is a smart IBM i application generator:
Develop applications once using RPG or COBOL and use them everywhere for mobile devices and Internet browsers; for the PC and Mac; for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.
No need to learn HTML5 or CGI!
For more information, see site

The 5250 emulator lets you access to the native IBM i interface in a browser and easily customize this interface:

z/OS target has not been forgotten and has a special Cobos4z feature!

Z/Navigator includes such enhancements:
+ Multiple selection is supported in the Z/Navigator view.
+ Add Member to view: adding an existing member is checked.
+ Import Members disable “Finish” button in case of Browse PDS error.
+ Better warning before deleting file/member on the mainframe.

The commands view becomes much more configurable and powerful:

+ configure and run native local command
+ configure and run Java class with parameters supplied
+ support of variables in the name attribute of a command type=”url”
+ check of successful save of remote file is an extension point (implemented by the Z/Navigator)

Cobos Core: manage several local and remote hosts very easily

+ loading connections (activators) and/or local host description preserve existing configuration files

Important technical notice:

Cobos is built on the Eclipse Neon (4.6) and Java 8 development platform.
Earlier versions are no longer qualified.

With this release, Cobos features are distributed in 3 packages:
+ Cobos – standard features
+ Cobos4i – extended features for IBM i system (NEW)
+ Cobos4z – extended features for z/OS system

This release solves the following bugs:

5643 – Denumber: incomplete fields are not processed and cleared
5647 – PL/I Editor: Denumber CTLASA do not delete *PROCESS statements
5648 – COBOL Editor: replace obsolete jakarta-regexp package
5651 – JCL Editor: submit function supports member name with the character $
5655 – PL/I Editor: in a very special case, output parser associates messages coming from an include to the main source
5667 – PL/I Editor: contextual menu “Preferences” should open the PL/I Preferences
5661 – Z/Navigator: generic Delete is no more allowed
5665 – Commands: running Rexx scripts located outside of the Cobos plug-in
5671 – JCL Editor: colorization issues with /* cards, character “/” alone not colored as a separator
5682 – Mainframe module: replication not working while saving a copybook member

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