Cobos 3.9.0 Release Notes

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Release 3.9.0 [2018-03-27]

Improvements in this version:

A new z/OS build system “DEVOPS-Ready”

Remote compilation function is provided for COBOL, PL1, BMS Maps, Assembler and other sources with a highly configurable system of properties files and JCL templates.
This build system is also implemented locally with the “FTP Access” module (please do give a try to the Quick-start) and can be launched from CI servers such as Jenkins.

“Green IT” and accessibility

Dark theme is supported for the COBOL, JCL and Rexx Editors (see preconfigured preferences in the Demo_workspace)

JCL Editor enhancements

+ Color preferences management
+ ”Run As…” submit Jobs via TSO, so that JES exits are run
+ When submitting a multi-Jobs JCL, ”Run As…” display all information of submitted JOBs
+ Outline Expand All / Collapse All toolbar buttons
+ Outline hilites IF/THEN/ELSE PROC/PEND structures
+ Outline shows DD concatenation
+ Outline Refresh preserves current selection

Z/Navigator enhancements

+ “Add Files” and “Add PDS” display n preceding requests filtered
+ “Add Files” expansion level value is a preference
+ “Add Files” refresh the request when it already exists (no more double entries)

Cobos Core enhancements

+ Cobos deletes remote files after download
+ Eclipse variables are supported in host.xml files
+ FTP Access: multi hosts support (several hosts can be configured and used at a time)

z/OS mainframe module 3.6.0

+ a global refactoring operation for all USS Cobos scripts has been realized:
+ Scripts starting and ending messages are prefixed by an environment variable
+ Script names are suffixed by .rex for REXX scripts and .sh for shell scripts
+ Deprecated scripts has been removed (CVS stuff, COBOL compilation)

This release solves the following bugs:

5576 – COBOL Editor: close unfolded files at eclipse shutdown
5587 – COBOL Editor: remove unwanted “NLS missing” messages at startup
5588 – COBOL Editor: background editor could be set to black (or other color…)
5590 – Open Declaration no more working on a COBOL Copybook
5591 – COBOL Editor: Auto-completion exception when source viewer unstable (creating or disposed)
5592 – Z/Navigator: Help button in “Add Files…” form doesn’t work
5597 – Z/Search failure when a blank character is in a search string

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