Cobos 4.0.0 Release Notes

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Release 4.0.0 [2018-08-01]

Improvements in this version:

A brand new PL1 Editor is born!


  • In this very first version, you will find such features:
    • Syntax highlighting, including SQL and CICS commands
    • Outline view with all labels refreshed on the fly
    • Content Assist providing templates for the main PL/1, SQL and CICS control statements
    • Dark theme support (see preconfigured preferences in the Demo_workspace)
    • Mainframe features such as:
      • Denumber: blank Column 1 content and Cols 73-80 content (highly recommended)
      • Warning message in case of line overflow allowing to edit source without constraint
      • Remote compilation feeding Problems view with PL/1 Enterprise compiler messages

    Cobos Core enhancements

    + host.xml variables support internal reference to another Cobos variable

    This release solves the following bugs:

    5619 – COBOL Editor Preferences/Colors horizontal ruler color can now be changed
    5620 – Dark theme: in some editors, the scrollbar disappears when we click on it!
    This is an eclipse/windows issue. Workaround: uncheck Preference “Show White Spaces” and re-open the editor
    5625 – Z/Navigator “Add Member to view”: fix “member not found” issue if entered with a trailing blank
    5635 – Dark theme: filter text and clearable text background automatically change according to the theme
    5637 – Z/Navigator: Deleting a member named * will delete all members of a PDS!
    + “Add Member to view”: member name syntax is checked
    + mainframe module patch: %MXWMDEL script no more support mass delete

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