Cobos 3.8.3 Release Notes

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Release 3.8.3 [2017-11-06]

Improvements in this version:

Announcement feature

+ a Cobos administrator can push announcements to users while selecting a range of dates and the severity level of the message.
+ Cobos users will be notified at connection time (*).

Support of IBM Enterprise COBOL v6.2

+ GnuCOBOL: started (support of JSON statements in mvs dialect – old mvs becomes cobolz-v5)
+ COBOL Editor: add “COBOL for z/OS v6” as reserved word level in Reference Format Preferences

Z/Navigator view

+ import/export: Z/Navigator content can be saved in a local file and restored from a preceding saved state.
+ save view content: Z/Navigator state is backed up and automatically restored if current state is corrupted.
+ Add Files: expansion of qualifiers up to level 3 (instead of 2)


+ Implementation of SRCHFORC functionality (2nd value on the same line).

JCL Editor

+ “Run As…” item added to the workbench by the Cobos Perspective in Run Menu

Cobos mainframe module

+ Deployment simplified (exits and parameters stored in $COBOS_DIR/$COBOS_ENV directories)

This release solves the following bugs:

5271 – COBOL Editor: fixes “Open Declaration” from the unfolded source in the same editor
5507 – Z/Navigator: “Save As…” keeps the genuine file under Z/Navigator control even it is no more edited
5542 – Remote Compilation/parseCompilSysout: ComputeLineNumber option ignores localTargetResource parameter
5543 – GnuCOBOL – Unfold: support of floating comment in copybooks
5545 – License management: token kept at the very start of Eclipse without Cobos resources in use
5546 – Commands: no login checked for before action in a local command
5565 – Z/Navigator: icon Z remains after Eclipse restart but file no more under Z/Navigator control
5571 – COBOL Editor: “Open Declaration” not refreshed during Eclipse session
5573 – GnuCOBOL: fixes incomplete unfolding when floating comments *> are present
5577 – Remote Compilation launched from Cobos menu or toolbar can now run in asynchronous mode (**)

(*) for mainframe module prior to 3.5.4, a patch in mxw_check_host_version should be applied to avoid popup “no change detected”.
(**) in this case, the form is processed as if it was launched from the commands view.

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