Metrixware announces Cobos 3.1 availability

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Nanterre, October 29th 2013. Metrixware announces the availability of Cobos 3.1, its COBOL development workbench for Eclipse.

With Cobos 3.1, Metrixware enhances manageability of the solution and integration with the mainframe eco system.

Floating license management

For Enterprise use, Cobos Provides floating license server for easy implementation of economic models suitable to all real-life situations (hire purchase, payment for use, acquisition fees).

OpenCOBOL: XML extensions supported by the MVS dialect

Among many improvements and corrections, Cobos adds support for z/OS™ Enterprise COBOL XML extensions (XML PARSE and XML GENERATE). Metrixware follows closely developments in the COBOL compiler and implements those actually used by its customers.

ENDEVOR™ integration simplified

ENDEVOR™ is widely used in mainframe shops and Cobos provides and easy way of life with it. Version 3.1 brings customization simplified and improved with JCL templates and configuration files.

A must-have, user-centric, Eclipse COBOL IDE

With the obvious benefits that the Eclipse platform has brought to Java technologies, using a COBOL workshop on Eclipse becomes de facto unavoidable. With Cobos 3.0, the developers use agile and modern productivity tools, which are perfectly integrated with Mainframes without any impact on the existing infrastructure. Produced in closed collaboration with users, Cobos provides a simple and intuitive interface, which enables a very fast user acceptance and appropriation.

A financially beneficial professional solution

“Always in touch with customer needs and thanks to its broad knowledge of mainframe usage, once again Metrixware adds amazing features to improve Cobos 3.1 product. Cobos 3.1 remains at the cutting edge of mainframe development tools: more simple, more efficient and better integrated with users daily use and the existing infrastructures, while enabling a still lower overall TCO.” says Julie Dumortier, President and CEO of Metrixware.


Metrixware provides IT organizations with Software Platforms, enabling them to enhance productivity, maturity and monitoring of their Mainframe & J2EE developments. Metrixware’s expertise and technologies help CIOs to make their applications a business advantage, by making them more agile, reliable and powerful. Cobos is interesting from a technical and financial point of view, compared with existing commercial Mainframe solutions.
Cobos is the most advanced open source COBOL IDE dedicated to Mainframe application development. Based on Eclipse, it combines the best of both worlds by capitalizing on the open source community innovation and on Mainframe best practices.

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