Cobos Tutorial: Using the 3270 emulator within Eclipse

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Cobos is designed for mainframe COBOL development enhancement. Because the 3270 access to mainframe remains the basic way of working with a mainframe (even if it’s not the most comfortable), we plugged and customized a dedicated emulator (je3270), directly available within Eclipse. Learn how to use it in this tutorial.

  • Go to “Windows ► Preferences ► Cobos ► je3270” and adjust the values for your environment (at least, HostName field must be filled with IP address or DNS name of your host)

    You will be able to define a customized key map.

  • Launch the 3270 emulator from menu “Cobos ► je3270 Terminal”:

  • Your favorite welcome screen is displayed! Enter your credentials.

    You now feel like home in your usual mainframe environment BUT inside eclipse!

    A button bar appears above the je3270 window with useful functions. Additional shortcuts are defined in keymap file (see Help Contents / 3270 Terminal for further information)

    Note: F1 key is well interpreted by je3270 but in the same time trapped by eclipse, activating Help view.

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