Cobos 5.5 Release Notes

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Here is what is new with Cobos 5.5.

Release 5.5.0-p1 [2023-02-23]

Discover the new tool : iNavigator

Using the iNavigator you will be able to browse any IMBi libraries and use its content to its fullest potential. In order to do so you will need to connect to the IBMi of your choice and load desired libraries. 

Then you will be able to create, modify, delete, upload any libraries, members and files and also filter them.

Once you have made all changes that suit you will be able to compile files into modules and programs to use them on your IBMi. For that our RPG and COBOL editors will help you write code easily.

Learn a new way to compile your IBM i programs

With the help of the iNavigator presented earlier, you will access a whole new world of compilations. You can still use the 5.4 way to compile but now, you can compile files directly on your IBMi. You can then make modules, service programs and bind all that into fully executable programs. 

As always the Eclipse problem view will be filled in with errors and warnings that represent all that you would have written in your codes. The compilation supports RPG and COBOL but also parts of C and several others.

The new error system also works with binding modules since any missing functions will be caught and, by clicking on them, you will be redirected to the corresponding sysout.

Experience full COBOL development

With this new release, as Cobos makes it possible in the IBM z/OS environment since 2009, you will be able to code in COBOL and have several tools to help you do it on the IBM i. 

On the IBMi systems, Cobos will provide all required tools to make your COBOL journey as easy as possible.

Take the time to experience our COBOL environment and its DevOps capabilities for the IBM i.

Do not forget our previouses tools

In the past years we developed and released several important tool such as the RPG Converter, the Traffic Player or the TN5250 terminal. Find all of them in their respective release notes right here.

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