Cobos 5.4 Release Notes

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Here is what is new with Cobos 5.4

Release 5.4.0-p1 [2022-09-01]

Discover the brand new Outline in the editor.

Cobos4i’s RPG Editor presents a new feature, the Outline. Similarly to what Cobos does with COBOL programs, Cobos is now able to render a tree view of your RPG program. It will help you navigate through your code as any subroutines defined are displayed in the Outline. The full list of items displayed for RPG is :

  • Control Statement which contains instructions such as DATFMT, OPTION, NOMAIN, etc.
  • Definitions which contains :
    • Files, instructions such as DSPF, PF or DTAARA
    • Data Structure, all different data type declaration, all data structure will displayed in a sub level everything that belongs to it
    • Areas, all variables declaration
    • Constants, all constants declaration
  • Subroutines which contains all subroutines

Learn to compile your IBM i programs.

With Cobos4i you will be able to compile on a distant server your IBM i programs with two choices, either locally when you have opened a program in the editor, or remotely when you didn’t open it. 

If you choose to compile locally, you will be presented with the Eclipse’s problems view filled with errors, if there are any, to help you debug your code. Any line displayed in the view will be linked to a line in the sysout if you are more familiar with reading it.

Having errors in the view will automatically link those errors to the RPG Editor and add signs to each line presenting one or several errors.

If you choose to compile remotely, you will only have the sysout displayed as the link between the local file and the remote file is not innate. 

Read our brand new Documentation.

Alongside all new modules, developments and processes are being documented in our new User Guide. You will discover an exhaustive documentation about all things existing in Cobos within this version and most things prior to it. If something is not explained you will be able to refer to Cobos and Cobos4i other documentations for answers.

Use the upgraded RPG Converter with more operation code.

The RPG Converter which exists in Cobos4i for years has been once again upgraded and will provide correction to previous non-working, non converted operation code. Help within the converted code can be found in the form of comments, it will speed up your code comprehension.

Experience easier COBOL development

With this new version, as Cobos makes it possible in the IBM Z environment since 2009, you will be able to code in COBOL and have several tools to help you do it. It also works in a DevOps environment since 2015. Take the time to discover our COBOL environment.

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