Cobos 5.1 Release Notes

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Release 5.1 [2020-12-17]

Cobos4i – Import a Generator project into the Designer

You asked for it – We did it!
A new tool to convert a Cobos4i Generator project into a Cobos4i Designer project, giving you the opportunity to add more complex features to a classic Cobos4i Generator application. You will now be able to combine the advantages of both the Generator and the Designer


Other enhancements

  • All packages except “SCORT Callout” are signed and time stamped with our certificate provided by Sectigo. There is no longer a warning when installing one of our plugins in Eclipse.
This release solves the following bugs:
  • 31325 – GnuCOBOL: Check Syntax fails to detect duplicate file description and missing file description
  • 31342 – Cobos4i Emulator: Not very explicit error message
  • 31411 – Cobos4i DBCS libraries installation failed
  • 31412 – Cobos4i Emulator: Alignment issue when displaying DBCS characters
  • 31435 – Cobos4i: Unknown exception in logon from cobos4i portal
  • 31437 – Cobos4i Designer: null pointer exception while importing a project
  • 31440 – FTP4i: Get all Members failed when user have CCSID=5026 in its profile
  • 31487 – Eclipse 2019-09 (4.13) and higher: fix exception java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: EnvironmentTab_New_4
  • 31656 – Z/Navigator Problem deleting .cobos file while opening a PDS member
  • 31685 – Cobos Console: displaying message causes an exception if the view is closed

Release 5.0 [2020-07-22]

Cobos4i Designer – Enhancements

  • Deployment
    • Launch remote compilation of generated programs
    • Download IMBi updated sources in Eclipse
    • Deploy one file to the webserver
  • History Management
    • Support multiple targets, remote cleanup
  • Designer Preferences
    • If “IBMi Source Library” field is empty, it is set to the Library field value
  • Designer Tutorial
    • Lok and feel enhanced
    • Launch pre-filled form from Eclipse
    • Sample project “List of countries.jdp” updated

Other enhancements

  • Cobos4i Servlet Admin
    • Configure multiple Cobos4i web servers from Eclipse
    • Reuse main server configuration parameters for Cobos4i projects
  • Cobos4i Generator
    • Generate complete new applications (HTML and RPG files) to list, insert, update or delete any database file
  • Cobos4z Z/Navigator
    • Better differenciated menu items acting on Eclipse or acting on remote mainframe
  • Cobos4i Libraries for IBMi – Management of DBCS support
    • When installing IBMi libraries, you can check the DBCS option. This will install the DBCS libraries on the IBMi. By default, SBCS libraries are installed.
This release solves the following bugs:
  • 29942 – Designer Editor: fix Japanese translation
  • 30066 – Designer Tutorial crash if Add a country is the first action
  • 30093 – Cobos logging: messages are accumulated multiple times
  • 30094 – Designer Editor crash when opening an html file that do not belong to a Designer project
  • 30140 – Project property change Library should refresh Designer project
  • 30154 – Designer Editor: check license before opening the editor
  • 30189 – Deployment: file created empty and unclosed if download exception
  • 30190 – Cobos Commands: monitor out of control of Eclipse during long running operations
  • 30289 – Cobos4i Default preference do not select the current CCSID
  • 30359 – OutputParsers: java.lang.NullPointerException when using wrong charset
  • 30499 – GnuCOBOL: Check Syntax fails on END-JSON statement
  • 31088 – Servlet Engine Admin: Settings translated and normalized
  • 31090 – Deploy Web problem: filename generated contains blank characters
  • 31091 – Designer Editor: action code input field too small
  • 31127 – FTP4i: Support Charset in Edit/Get/Get all File/Member(s) command
  • 31130 – Servlet Engine Admin: Restore Defaults is not working
  • 31142 – Servlet Engine Admin: password display is not obfuscated
  • 31177 – CheckSyntax: The keyboard shortcut for a disabled action works once

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