Cobos 5.2 Release Notes

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Release 5.2.0 [2021-12-17]

RPG Converter

  • Conversion from RPG IV to Free-Form (i.e. RPGLE and/or SQLRPGLE source files)
  • Conversion Options :
    • 2 types of conversion :
      • Free and/or Mixed (if there is non convertible code)
      • Fully-Free (if every line is convertible)
    • Indentation increment
  • Details on conversion :
    • Every specification (H, F, D, C, P) is converted
    • I and O specifications are not supported in Free and therefore are not converted
    • Key Lists are converted
    • Parm Lists are converted
    • Empty comment lines stay
    • Declarations of Data Structures (DS) are indented
    • Case type conversion is as following for operation codes :
      • First character in upper case
      • Rest of the code in lower case
    • Compilation directives /FREE and /END-FREE are removed
    • Declarations of variables in C specification are transfered into D specification
    • Non printable characters are removed
    • Instruction *ENTRY PLIST is replaced by its equivalent in Free-Form (prototyped interface)


Before conversion:
After conversion:

Traffic Player

  • Traffic Player is a Telnet flow recorder
    • Allowing the development and testing of applications requiring a screen-type resource without requiring the Mainframe
    • Allowing to replay the recorded trace
    • Compatible with all Telnet streams (TN3270, TN5250, …)

This release also solves the following bugs:

  • 00785 – Cobos4i Designer: Popup settings (#0101982)
  • 00786 – Cobos4i Designer: IBM i Program Name length (#0101983)

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