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Release 3.4.2 [2014-09-05]

This release solves the following bugs:
5299 – GNU Cobol: error preprocessing on copy statement with replacing
5301 – COBOL IDE: automatically removes the last blank line in a file
5302 – GNU Cobol: COPY REPLACING LEADING not supported (Micro FocusÆ and ISO2002 dialect)
5307 – Check Syntax: incomplete response from GNU Cobol causes an internal error
5309 – Problems view: Cobos cleans only the Cobos Markers

Release 3.4.1 [2014-07-31]

This release solves the following bugs:
5282 – je3270: SSL/TLS support
5286 – Z/Navigator: expanded tree view incomplete
5287 – Z/Navigator: Add Refresh action in Members List view
5289 – Z/Navigator: Exception occurred during ‘Allocate New’ if a node with the same name already exists
5293 – COBOL IDE: auto-completion latency
5274 – Fix displaying license information

Release 3.4.0 [2014-06-30]

Improvements in this version:

– je3270: support simultaneous connections, dynamic resizing of the font
depending on the size of the frame and Model 3279-5 (27 rows x 132 columns).

This release solves the following bugs:
4596 – Validation of COBOL Editor preferences (“Reference Format” tab)
5241 – Z/Navigator: sequential file truncated unit wrong (kb instead of record)
5252 – Pro*COBOL preprocessing: not supported statements stop the parsing
5258 – Micro Focus dialect: optional VALUE clause in SCREEN SECTION
5259 – Detection wrongly of PROCESS word
5261 – The variables in SCREEN section are ignored by the auto-completion and access to their definition

Known issues:
“je3270 Terminal session” command doesn’t support the “New Editor” function

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