Cobos is now based on COBOL-IT’s open source technology

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COBOL-IT and Metrixware have signed a strategic partnership agreement and are working together on the Cobos offloading solution, which is now based on COBOL-IT, the only Open Source COBOL offering enterprise-class professional services.

Metrixware and COBOL-IT have signed a strategic agreement enabling Metrixware to include COBOL-IT’s Open Source COBOL compiler technologies in their Eclipse-based IDE Cobos, which is designed to allow Mainframe COBOL developers to offload their development to Windows-based PCs. With this global agreement, the Eclipse-based Cobos software suite now embeds the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition in their Development Environment. Usage of the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition allows Metrixware to overcome technical constraints associated with the use of unsupported open source COBOL compilers.

Relying now on COBOL-IT’s professional open source solution, Metrixware greatly enhances their ability to syntax-check COBOL source code being downloaded from IBM mainframe environments. Collaboration between the COBOL-IT and Metrixware development teams has resulted in broad enhancements to the COBOL-IT compiler in the area of syntax checking different variations of IBM COBOL syntax.

With this partnership, Metrixware customers can now rely on COBOL-IT’s Compiler Suite, Enterprise Edition, a robust and well-tested Open Source COBOL compiler, that is increasingly the COBOL compiler of choice at industry-leading companies throughout the world.

“With this strategic agreement with COBOL-IT, we continue to provide the most comprehensive and powerful solution available on the market, even easier to install and maintain than ever, optimizing operating costs while emphasizing adaptability and industrialization of development through close collaboration with COBOL-IT’s development teams.” said Julie Dumortier, President & CEO of Metrixware.

“COBOL-IT differs from other open source solutions in the world. With its professional COBOL, and structured solutions, it is certified and validated by leading market players.”, adds Stéphane Croce, CEO of COBOL-IT. “It is for this reason that the combination of COBOL-IT and Metrixware was possible. Cobos provides the best development environment for maintaining Mainframe-based COBOL source code. Their solution is reliable, accurate, and robust, and through our collaboration, we have been able to enable support of a very broad range of syntactic variations specific to IBM mainframes in an extremely short time.”


COBOL-IT is the first company offering a professional Open Source COBOL compiler dedicated to large companies and a wide range of associated services. COBOL-IT provides a comprehensive notion of information systems governance covering all aspects of the life of a COBOL application: development, modernization, integration, maintenance and production. In addition to its software, COBOL-IT offers a wide range of professional services related to the use of COBOL and related tools through different subscriptions. The Company, based in Paris, also has offices in Brussels, Rome, London and San Diego. COBOL-IT is represented abroad by a network of distributors and technical hubs in Europe, the United States & Canada, and Latin America. COBOL-IT is increasingly being adopted by large government, and commercial clients. For more information, please visit

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