Discover a brand new 5250 terminal to better operate your IBM i.

This terminal is fully compatible with most code pages such as English, Japanese, German, French. You can operate your mainframes as if you were connected to them as soon as your code page is loaded.

Learn updated tools named Generator and Designer.

It allows you to easily customize old mainframe views to be displayed as it in any browser. 

Their ergonomic designs have been tweaked to reduce their learning curve and help you better use them.

Use the new emulator that is working alongside the Traffic Player.

Both the 5250 emulator and the Traffic player are working together and thus enabling easier connection between them. You are then able to make all your tests inside Eclipse which will improve your development cycle.

Read our updated Documentation.

It will help you start using Cobos faster and incorporates all new modules and tools developed over the last two years!

Try the upgraded RPG Converter that covers even more code.

The RPG Converter is now more diversified as it knows more operation code and so can convert more programs from colloned RPG to free or full free RPG.

Safely update any file on your IBM i with the Lock Optimist.

This devops tool allows you to take into account any upgraded file on your server even if you are connected and already modifying it through Cobos. It will display a pop up telling you changes have been made and guide you through any merge problems.