Cobos Core

Cobos Core contains the basic features needed for COBOL development within a modern and extensible environment platform.
  • IDE Cobol
    The COBOL file editor of Cobos brings the best of Eclipse to COBOL programers: a quick and simple browsing into files with the Outline, Syntax coloring, Autocompletion, Open declaration, Compilation error notifications, Code templates, Changes tracking, Versioning…All these features have been tailor-made for the COBOL development.

    Cobos adds to these very convenient features some outstanding features such as a « Word like » revision mode, unfolding COBOL sources with COPY REPLACING expansion, customizable tabulations, mainframe-like CAPS ON.

  • OpenCOBOL Compiler
    OpenCOBOL, the open source COBOL compiler, is extended to support Z/OS dialect and CICS, DB2, DL1 instructions. Its use allows developers to check the syntax of source code locally on their workstation without consumption of mainframe resources.
    (COBOL-IT compiler can be used as an option.)
  • JCL Editor
    Editor with JCL syntactic coloration and, along with the mainframe Host Integration Module, submission of the currently edited JCL.
  • REXX Editor
    A simple REXX editor with syntactic coloration and variables in outline.
  • SCM Support
    Cobos integrates natively eclipse-compatible SCM tools like CVS, Subversion, GIT, Dimension,…


Included Services

  •  Certified Version
    Each new version of Cobos is fully tested and includes third-party components changes in stabilized versions.
  • Web Ticket Interface
    Entering incidents, issues and change requests through a Web interface in the form of tickets.


Additional Components
Additional components extend the use of Cobos to specific contexts & platforms. These components are optional, but need Cobos-Core, in order to be run.

Mainframe Target Support

Mainframe Target Support provides outstanding functionalities for mainframe activities carried in Eclipse environment.
  •  z/Navigator
    The z/Navigator in Cobos lets you browse, edit, create and move data sets directly on the mainframe.
  • Extended CVS Support
    Support of a CVS server installed on UNIX part of a mainframe (USS: UNIX System Services) supporting EBCDIC-ASCII transaction. Ergonomic enhancement of CVS use for mainframe users.
  • je3270
    The je3270 plug-in that enables access to the mainframe through 3270 emulation (based on the x3270 emulator).
  • Host Commands
    This plug-in allows you to launch REXX or SHELL scripts from Eclipse documenting parameters in a form. It is thus possible to use the working procedures of your site without leaving Eclipse.
  • FTP access
    A lightweight way of working on mainframe sources without any software requirement on mainframe.
  • Host Integration Module
    For a targeted host, a set of scripts (SHELL or REXX) implementing access and manipulation of host resources, such as PDS, members, your mainframe SCM like LCM, Endevor… and of course, to compile a source on the mainframe and retrieve the error messages as if it had been compiled in Eclipse.

UNIX Target Support

UNIX Target Support provides remote access to Unix/Linux system with a set of Cobos functionnalities integrated.
  • Remote Compilation
    The capability to control binaries generation in UNIX environments from eclipse.
  • FTP Access
    The capability to access UNIX resources directly from eclipse (outside SCM like CVS, SVN,…).

Windows Target Support

Windows Target support enables local execution of COBOL programs.
  • Local Program Build
    The capability to generate locally Windows executable binaries.
  • Full integrated Eclipse distribution
    Cobos is specially designed, tested & delivered with a version of Eclipse, that comes with a pre-configured workspace and all necessary resources in order to build applications on Windows.