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Release 3.1 [2013-10-31]

Notice: this is the Cobos 3.1 Release.
Please feel free to report us any remark via email.

Improvements in this version:

– Check syntax / mvs dialect enhancements:
support of z/OS Enterprise COBOL XML extensions (XML PARSE and XML GENERATE).
– License management: Cobos provides floating license server for Enterprise use and fixed individual license.
ENDEVOR integration: customization simplified and improved with JCL templates and .ini files.

4859 – Mainframe access: better handling of message “Password expired”.
4974 – host.xml: COMMAND_TIMEOUT deprecated. Connection time-out is used instead.
5104 – Unfold: pop-up “Problems encountered” displays a more relevant message.
5132 – Check syntax/Unfold: Main program directory is no more automatically inserted on the head of library search list.
5134 – Copies generation: Copies can be stored anywhere (not only in the main program directory).
5136 – Check syntax: Support of intrinsic functions DISPLAY-OF and NATIONAL-OF.
5143 – FTP Access: End of line sequence can be parameterized (such as LF of CRLF).

This release solves the following bugs:

2436 – Check syntax: mvs dialect do not support top-level-occurs-clause.
2889 – Check syntax: message returned when wrong dialect used.
4913 – Commands: no exception when using a non-existing COBOSPLUGIN variable.
4927 – Check syntax: DFHCOMMAREA generation with -fcics option (like LINKAGE option).
4972 – Mainframe compilation: Fix support of external editors to OpenSysout.
4961 – JCL editor: submit action allowed with any file extension (Run As… Mainframe JOB).
5099 – COBOL IDE Preferences: “Allow editing sequence number area” correctly initialized.
5116 – Copies generation: COPY SUPPRESS does not generate a Copy file.
5123 – Check syntax: SQL parsing supports field indicators in any cases.
5152 – OpenCOBOL: use default file extensions if extension is not specified with the directories paths of files to include.

Known Limitations

3506 – Check syntax and Unfold: no support of looping Copy inclusion

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