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Release 3.0 [2013-07-01]

Notice: this is the Cobos 3.0 Release.
Please feel free to report us any remark via email.

Improvements in this version:

Local Compilation:

COBOL programs can be built and run on Windows workstation. Set up the OpenCOBOL flags with the Preferences tabs, launch the local compilation using the Cobos Copy management and run your program as a COBOL application.


Telnet access is provided (although OpenSSH is no more a mainframe prerequisite, it is still our preferred network access method). Retrieving members or files is made easier with a filter into a large populated view. Host tree is no more discarded when the host.xml is missing or invalid.

Check syntax/Unfold:

Expansion of ++INCLUDE is supported. A popup appears when no message is generated.

FTP Access:

You can configure your favorite(s) codepage translation(s). Copies generation from mainframe listing supports imbricated ++INCLUDE.

Commands view:

A new entry “Running a JCL” is provided with optional SYSOUT waiting. When a host file is loaded or updated, the Commands view is automatically refreshed.

ENDEVOR™ interface:

Retrieve, Add/Update and Expand functions can be launched from the Commands View. The script generates the ENDEVOR™ sysin and submit a JCL based on a skeleton you can tailor. The script interacts with eclipse thru the Commands interface technology and let you edit and save your ENDEVOR™ sources into Cobos.

This release solves the following bugs:

3463 – Check syntax : * in column 8 is correctly detected and processed.
4988 – Z/Navigator: mxw_member_copy supports a name with a qualifier starting with $
5020 – Messages sent by host scripts do not appear in the Console Cobos after JCL submit.
5073 – Unfold ignores COPY command in comment line of any type (* in col 8 or *>)
5087 – StringIndexOutOfBounds Exception while passing the mouse over a COBOL variable.
5088 – Last line without LF is processed by Check Syntax
5089 – Unfold supports COPY REPLACING with comma separator at end of line
5092 – Contextual Menu of a file without extension works without exception.
5095 – Check syntax supports the special register TALLY.
5096 – Restrictions in EXEC CICS/SQL/DL1 syntax has been discarded.
5099 – COBOL IDE : Inverse behavior of the checkbox “Allow editing sequence number area”

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