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Those are the prerequisites for the installation and using for Cobos.

Cobos is available according to your environment :

  • Cobos : basic version
  • Cobos4i : basic version + tools for IBM Power Systems with IBM i operating system (legacy AS/400)
  • Cobos4z : basic version + tools for IBM z/OS mainframe


This Cobos Release must be installed on Eclipse 4 – from Photon (4.8) (32bits or 64bits) the last version that we tested is Eclipse 2023-06 (4.28).
Earlier versions are no longer supported.
If you are not familiar with Eclipse, we recommend these sites :

For the Cobos tutorials, we recommend using ”Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers.

TN5250 emulator:

  • For Java 8 only, you must add this argument to the launch of Eclipse (command line or in eclipse.ini file): -Dorg.osgi.framework.bundle.parent=ext
  • For Java 11 or higher, you must have the JavaFX module with your Java distribution used.
  • Unfortunately, from Java 9, Oracle no longer offers JavaFX in these distributions

Some prerequisites before installing Cobos 5.3:

  • Cobos must be installed on Eclipse 4 – from Photon 4.8 (32bits or 64bits)
  • Ensure that the workstation has 2 GB of RAM
  • Supported OS: Windows family (from Windows 7) and Linux
  • Ensure that a Java JRE 8 or higher is present on the workstation

Here are some links to JRE/JDK suppliers:


The latest version of Cobos can be downloaded here. Once you have unzipped file, you’ve got the following directories and files:

  • Plugins that contains the plug-ins
  • Demo_workspace that contains preconfigured resources for this “quickstart”
  • Cobos_V5.3_Quickstart.pdf
  • Cobos_V5.3._UserGuide.pdf
  • Cobos_V5.3_DemoReadme.txt
  • releaseNotes.txt

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