Cobos Tutorial : Cobos 2.3.2 trick and tips

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Following Cobos 2.3.2 download, some of you may have encountered issues that can easily be avoided.

Due to expiration of the license, the COBOL-IT compiler is no longer available. To run the Check Syntax, go to Windows / Preferences / Cobos / COBOL Compiler and choose OpenCobol.

  • Cobos_workspace / Resource out of sync

    In the Navigator view, select the project (COBOS_SAMPLE for instance) and do a Refresh (Press PF5 key)

  • FTP Access and Windows 7 (or, more generaly, firewall)

    If action “0. configure FTP connection’ works but data transfer do not respond, you have to modify Firewall configuration and enable data transfer.

  • je3270 / Copy / Paste

    If you copy text (Ctrl-C) from an editor within eclipse and you try to paste it (Ctrl-V) within je3270, Eclipse freezes! (30 seconds on Windows 7, permanently on XP)
    It is a long running problem in Eclipse encountered by the securisation of je3270.
    You can bypass it by copying the text in an editor outside Eclipse as notepad and then copying it from this editor.

Hoping this is usefull


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